Leader – Joan Cavanagh

We are grateful for the outside activity group leaders who have been so flexible and creative in the past year and kept their groups going during Covid, via Zoom, conference calls, and outside meetings, providing much appreciated company to so many of us during this period of isolation. Those groups that are planning to meet during the summer will receive the list of BCN members for the upcoming year. Some groups, as noted, are not meeting at this time due to Coronavirus considerations.

We are looking for volunteers to coordinate several activity groups next year, including Daytrippers, Bowling, Scrabble, and Theater. If you would like to discuss leading these groups or starting a new group, please contact Joan Cavanagh at

 BOOK CLUBS:  Gatekeeper Gerri Matosky

All members are welcome. Contact Gerri to find an open group or be placed on a waiting list.  A new book club will be initiated, when necessary, and a leader is available.

BOWLINGVolunteer leader needed. Not meeting at this time. Contact Joan Cavanagh

BRIDGE: Not meeting at this time. Judy Enderle

BUNCO SOCIETY: Not meeting at this time. G inny Francksen, Maribeth Fryman

CANASTA: Judy Hay or Joan Naughton

CARD MAKING:  Nicky Donlen 2nd Wednesday at 10.

Please notify Nicky Donlen if you wish to participate at her home, 742 Paxson Lane, Langhorne, PA 19047, 215-741-1406.

CINEMA: Bobbie Burkhart

 COOKING CLUB: Marilyn K Robinson   267-566-7138 1st Friday at noon. (Virtual)

DAY TRIPPERS:  Volunteer leader needed. Contact Joan Cavanagh


DINING AROUND TOWN:  Judy Hay  Joan Naughton

GOLF: Marcia Graumann Wednesdays mornings at the Neshaminy Valley Golf Course, Jamison. Please email Marcia if you are interested in joining the group.

HISTORY BUFFS: Joan Cavanagh; 3rd Wednesday at 3.

If you would like to join us, by doing some independent research and joining the discussion, please email Joan if you would like to join the group.

MAH JONGG:  Enid Cate Mondays from 1-4.

We follow the National Mah Jongg League rules and play for a $5.00 purse.  Our group meets at different members’ homes.  We do all our corresponding via email.   If you are interested in playing, please contact Enid.

MUSEUM MAVENS: Joan Cavanagh,  1st Tuesday at 12:30.

PINOCHLE: Nicky Donlen 2nd Wednesday at 1.

The group meets at Nicky’s home, 742 Paxson Lane, Langhorne, PA 19047, 215-741-1406.

OUT TO LUNCH BUNCH:  Enid Cate Judy Hay

SCRABBLE: Volunteer leader needed. Contact Joan Cavanagh

STITCH AND CHAT: Nancy Boland by text 267-974-5486 or email

THEATER GROUP:   Volunteer leader needed. Contact Joan Cavanagh

TRAILBLAZERS: (Walking at Tyler Park) Eileen Hilliard 1st and 3rd Thursdays at Tyler State Park Boathouse parking area. Please email Eileen to be added to the email list.

WORDERS: Lynn Davis

Everyone is welcome to play Wordscapes, open 24/7, on your phone, iPad, or computer. Download the Wordscapes app from the Google or Apple stores depending on your technology. It is free and immediately available. Play Wordscapes by yourself during the week to see how many words you can make from a group of letters and fit them into a crossword.

To participate in the BCN Team Weekend Tournaments, you need to play to level 50 (50 games). At this level, a shield should appear at the bottom of your Wordscapes play screen. Click on the shield, go to the top of the team screen, search for the BCN Worders team and request to play. (Then be patient. While the app downloads right away, the permission to join a team can take up to two weeks). Email Lynn to tell her you wish to be part of the BCN Worders team.