Welcome to Bucks County Neighbors

BCN welcomes new members. Please use the APPLICATION button at the top of the page and follow directions for mailing dues if you’d like to join.

Use the CONTACT button at the top of the page to ask for additional information about the club.

MEMBERS: The annual BCN Handbook includes the password to the members only page on this site.

BCN President’s Message

Welcome to the website of Bucks County Neighbors. You have successfully taken the first step in getting to know us better and to find a social organization in which to participate. This first step can help you explore the fun, friendship and caring ways of Bucks County Neighbors.

Some of our members have lived here for many years or may have come from many places around the country. All have brought their unique interests and talents, adding to the organization.

Belonging to BCN affords our members the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of fun activities in addition to interesting, entertaining and informative monthly programs. Annually, while encouraging social awareness, we host a Fundraiser which raises monies for worthy non-profits in the Bucks County Area.

Whether you are new to Bucks County or not, you can only benefit by getting to know us. Please consider attending an activity or a General Meeting. In this way you can get a true feel of the warmth of the club, its members and the opportunities membership has to offer.


Louise Melore
President, 2022-2023

General Meetings and Programs

Our General Meetings and Programs are held on the third Tuesday of each month from September through May. Some of our past meetings have included speakers on local history, women’s health issues, the history of Broadway (with song!). Each unique meeting provides an atmosphere to learn new things and meet interesting speakers. Activity groups meet on their own schedule in various places. Activities contact person is Joan Cavanagh. Each activity has its own leader.

We look forward to meeting you soon and getting to know you!

Welcome Coffees for New Members

Our membership consists of more than 150 diversely talented and sociable women. There are almost 20 activities within the club to interest you. We are sure you will find the right mix of people, programs, activities, both social and charitable to satisfy your interests. Once you are a new member, attending a New Member’s Coffee is a great way to learn more about what membership has to offer.

We provide two new member coffees per year, typically in spring and fall. New Members have the opportunity to join together while learning up-to-the- minute club information. The Coffees are held in the comfort of a member’s home and give new members the opportunity to ask questions of attending board members. Use the CONTACT button at the top of the page to request information about the club or Welcome Coffee.


Feel free to enjoy two of our activities before making your decision to join BCN. To do that, use the ACTIVITIES button at the top of the page to review the list and match your interests.

Then use the CONTACT button to let us know which activities you’d like to try before joining.